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Extend Your Security Management Department with Our Team of Security and Risk Professionals, Experienced Analysts, Researchers and Subject Matter Experts

Behind Satori Risk is a team of security specialists passionate about helping businesses protect their people and their assets. Our team combines talent from all over the world — we are analysts, consultants, researchers, developers, and physical security experts with a wide range of backgrounds. Many of our team are former military, intelligence and law enforcement. 

So when you work with us, we ensure you get the strategic, evidence-based guidance you need from experts with the relevant experience and skillset. 

But we go beyond offering expert guidance. We become an extension of your business, helping you align your security management approach with your organisational goals. We help you work towards an ESRM (Enterprise Security Risk Management) model that supports business-wide success.

We’re Changing the Way Corporations Monitor Threats, Mitigate Risks and Prepare for Security Incidents

We combine our specialist knowledge and global experience with cutting-edge technology to deliver innovative, intelligence-led services. 

We’ve built unique SaaS technology from the ground up. Our technology simplifies the way you manage and mitigate risks while improving the cost-efficiency of keeping people, facilities and assets safe.

Our solutions provide the intelligence you need to make informed security decisions. We make it possible to monitor threats around the clock, gain complete situational awareness, and mitigate and prepare for incidents with in-depth security reports.

With our help, you can upgrade your security, keep your people, facilities and assets safe, and your operations running without incident.

Our Values Aren’t Just Words

Think like the customer – The biggest challenge for customers is getting a supplier that doesn’t try to sell them stuff they don’t need. We listen to the customer and provide them with what they need

Consistency in excellence – Excellence isn’t a day’s hard work, one great effort. It is achieved by meeting marginal gains every day, our team are focussed on the margins to achieve excellence

Lead from anywhere – Being a hybrid decentralised company means that everyone has a voice, that means that being able to lead from anywhere in the team is important. This means that challenges are owned and tacked head on.

Have empathy where sympathy is absent – We haven’t all walked the same path, when we cannot recognise the challenges others face we listen, understand and empathise with those around us so that we can help in the right way.

An Enterprise Security Company with a Difference

Corporations who choose Satori Risk as their trusted enterprise security company never look back. We deliver effective security systems on time and within budget. Plus, our attentive service makes for a first-class customer experience. 

We can also offer unique services that leverage innovative technology developed by security professionals for security professionals.

Market Leading Technology

We’ve developed leading SaaS technology from the ground up to offer unique and effective systems for threat monitoring and incident response.

You won’t find any other technology that compares.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Having worked with a diverse range of businesses, we’re able to cater to organisations of all sizes. We know you need a security solution that falls within your budget, so we’ll tailor solutions to your needs.

Customisable and Scalable Services

All of our services can be tailored to your specific security needs, so whatever your objectives, we’ll help you meet them. We focus on delivering scalable and globalised systems.

A Passionate and Experienced Team

We have a passionate team with extensive experience and knowledge. All of our staff are certified information security managers who are subject to robust background, training and competency checks.

Solutions for a Diverse Range of Organisations

We work with a diverse range of corporations to provide security solutions that are both effective and within budget. Our extensive experience in the UK and internationally means we understand that every business has unique security requirements. 

Where we differ from other enterprise security companies is we listen to your needs. We can provide entry-level, “off-the-shelf” services or tailored options to suit the needs of enterprise clients.

By providing tailored services — rather than bespoke — we make sure our clients always benefit from our specialist expertise.

In the security industry, too many businesses fail to deliver effective security solutions, and often it comes down to “bespoke” agreements. Unfortunately, a large number of security companies will agree to provide anything that clients need in order to win business. But when it comes to meeting project deliverables, they don’t have the experience, knowledge, or technology to meet client expectations. 

At Satori Risk, we offer four core services but all of them are completely customisable. 

We’re upfront about what we can provide, and if you need services that fall outside of our expertise, we’ll tell you. But we’ll do what we can to help you get the security support you need by recommending alternative services from other trusted providers.

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Not Ready to Explore Security Solutions? You Can Still Get Strategic Security Guidance from Our Resources

If you’re looking to create a robust security strategy but aren’t ready to consider support from an enterprise security company, you can get the guidance you need from our resources and whitepapers.

We’ve created a whitepaper that details the strategic application of the ESRM model to help you independently implement security enhancements. You can download our whitepaper free of charge or access more information and resources on our blog.

We’re here to provide the security support you need in a way that works for your organisation.

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Our Awards and Accreditations

ASIS International Accreditation

With ASIS accreditation, our team members have demonstrated a commitment to excellence, ongoing professional development and security management best practices.

The Security Institute

We’re part of the UK’s largest professional membership body for security professionals. Our senior leadership team have demonstrated commitment to the highest standards of integrity and professional competence by being members of the Security Institute.

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