Security Services and Risk Management Solutions for Corporations in London and Beyond

Tailored, innovative, and intelligence-led solutions to help your business anticipate, plan for, and mitigate threats in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

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Unique Security Services and Risk Management Solutions That Leverage Market-Leading Technology and Offer Seamless Integration

Satori Risk services are oceans apart from solutions you’ll find from other providers.

Our innovative solutions combine our global expertise, specialist knowledge, and cutting-edge technology to make protecting your people and assets simpler and easier.

Our solutions are also completely customisable so that you can receive the security support you need in a way that works for you. We can tailor our services to your specific security needs and budget. Our solutions can be combined to give your organization maximum security and complete peace of mind or used individually to enhance your current security strategy.

While we’re based in London, many of our services are available worldwide. We can deliver robust and cost-effective solutions to UK companies and global organisations.

SaaS Tech: Your All-in-One Security Risk Management Solution

We’ve built SaaS tech from the ground up to provide organisations with a comprehensive and easy-to-use security management platform.

With Security as a Service, you can gain geospatial intelligence and enable mass communication for improved threat monitoring and rapid incident response. SaaS tech can also help you ensure compliance with legislation and insurance requirements.

This all-in-one security risk management solution can be integrated with other Satori Risk services so we can tailor SaaS tech to your requirements.

Threat Intelligence Solutions: Make Informed and Justifiable Security Decisions

Get the domestic and international security intelligence you need to make informed decisions with confidence. For specific London intelligence, our LSIP provides insightful security reports to remove the uncertainty from threat monitoring and incident response.

Our threat intelligence solution provides valuable insights into your current security strategy as well as future possibilities. With our intelligence function, you’ll benefit from:

  • Current threat monitoring and reporting
  • Future threat and incident predictions
  • Past incident investigation
  • Insights into potential risk mitigation and response improvements going forward

GSOC Security: Physical Security Monitoring and Critical Incident Monitoring

Global Security Operations Center as a service

Building and maintaining an in-house Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) is time-consuming and expensive. Our GSOC services offer a cost-effective way to outsource your security operations.

We’ll be your dedicated, enterprise-level operational support, providing you with the right advice when it matters most. Our GSOC is based in the UK but can provide proactive and reactive services around the clock. Your security will be monitored 24/7 by experienced and qualified security, travel, and crisis management professionals.

We can also customize our GSOC services to your organization’s security management policies, procedures, and needs.

Enterprise Security Risk Consultancy: Get Strategic Guidance and Expert Support

Identify security threats and solve vulnerabilities with expert support and guidance from our team of professional consultants. We’ll work with you to protect your business assets, people, brand, and reputation.

Our consultants can help you analyse security intelligence, review your policies and procedures, and ensure business continuity with effective crisis management strategies.

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