Global Security Operations Centre: Outsourced GSOC Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Our GSOC is staffed 24/7 for around-the-clock threat monitoring and security support. Gain situational awareness and protect your people and assets with a dedicated team of security professionals.

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Upgrade Your Crisis Management Processes with Dedicated Support from a Global Operations Security Centre

Building and maintaining an in-house global security operations centre (GSOC) is time-consuming and expensive. Our GSOC solutions offer a cost-effective way to outsource and improve your security operations.

We’ll provide dedicated, enterprise-level security support, and with employee tracking and monitoring capabilities, we’ll help you gain the geospatial awareness you need to keep your people safe. We enable real-time threat monitoring to give you the latest and very best common operating picture so that you can make critical decisions with confidence.

When paired with our threat intelligence solution and SaaS technology, which includes an innovative smartphone application and a security risk management platform, our GSOC system also enables mass employee communication. Our technology can be used to gather intelligence, which our GSOC staff will analyse. We can then send alerts about credible threats to your security team and affected employees.

We won’t overwhelm your team with irrelevant information; we’ll send targeted, concise and actionable alerts so that your employees can make informed decisions to stay safe. We deal with the information overload so that you don’t have to. We’ll curate thousands of sources of real-time information from around the world and cut through the noise to provide you with clear, succinct data.

Our global security operations centre can provide the support you need to make fast, justifiable decisions to protect people and save lives in a crisis.

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Command, Control and Communication: Support C3I with GSOC, SaaS Technology and Threat Intelligence

When used in tandem, our security solutions enable command, control and communication with situational awareness, incident intelligence and the ability to send mass communications.

Assume Command with a Strategic Level Overview of Your Organisation

Our SaaS technology tells you where your people are, details your facility locations and when paired with our intelligence solution, summarises incidents and threats in the areas where your people or facilities are located. This will allows you to assume command when incidents arise. providing you with a strategic level overview of your organisation, its people and facilities. With this awareness, you can provide top-level support to the operational element.

Respond to Incidents and Control Risks with Strategic Direction From Command

Incidents and intelligence are communicated to operational teams taking control on site. With fast communication and concise intelligence reports, crisis management teams can ensure rapid responses and make well-informed decisions about the appropriate operational action.

Communicate with Relevant Parties At All Times

Communication is vital at all times, whether your organisation is in a static/non-crisis state or mid-incident. When used alongside each other, our security services can ensure relevant parties are kept informed with relevant details. People at risk can be instructed and operational teams can be directed efficiently. Information can even be shared with analysts and third parties for post-incident reviews.

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The Key Features of Our Global Security Operations Centre

Our GSOC services are completely customisable — they can be tailored to your unique security requirements. We’ll arrange a free consultation before getting you set up to learn more about your needs and how we can best help you keep your people and assets safe.

Our global security operations centre services can be seamlessly integrated with your security policies and procedures, as well as our other services, to provide a comprehensive security solution. Our intelligence function and SaaS technology can be seamlessly integrated with our GSOC services to offer a comprehensive security solution.

But in any case, our GSOC services offer the following benefits and capabilities:

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Geospatial Awareness

Wherever your employees are in the world, we’ll help you gain complete situational awareness. We can monitor your employees and area-specific threats to protect your people at all times.

Global Employee Tracking and Monitoring

Our GSOC services can be paired with our SaaS system smartphone application to GPS tracking of employees. By monitoring employee locations, you can ensure they’re aware of relevant threats.

Global Threat Picture

We’ll provide you with the latest and best common operating picture. We can create national, regional, and global threat pictures (overlaid onto asset locations) to report emerging and ongoing incidents.

Mass Communications

We can send mass employee communications 24/7/365 to alert your team of relevant incidents and threats. We can send alerts and threat to life alerts by email, SMS, voice calls, and SaaS system notifications.

Enterprise Crisis Communications

With a complete map of your organisation, we can develop crisis communications to support critical decisions. We can engage stakeholders, provide in-depth support and advice, and enable remote monitoring of security systems and global access.

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People and facility Security

 Using geospatial technology, near real-time technology provide customers with the ability to apply mitigation and response to threats facing their organisation.

Critical Incident Management

  In the event that an incident occurs be able to apply the principles of Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence (C3i) to assist our customers in managing the critical incident.


Travel Risk Management

  Be able to apply the best practice principles aligned with Travel Risk Management to ensure the effective delivery of global travel using approved processes and technology where applicable.

Learn More About Outsourcing Your Security Operations with a Virtual GSOC

If you still need to learn more about GSOC solutions and how they can help protect your people, download our free, detailed whitepaper on global security operation centers.

Created by our security professionals, this whitepaper contains further insights to help you decide whether a virtual GSOC is the right choice for your security.

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Who Are the Professionals behind Your Global Security Operations Centre?

When you choose Satori Risk for your virtual global security operations centre, you benefit from the convenience and support of a physical GSOC. Our centre is located in Reading in the United Kingdom, and is staffed around the clock.

Your team will have access to security support 24/7, 365 days a year from fully qualified, experienced, and fluent English-speaking security professionals.

You’ll be assigned an operations manager as your dedicated point of contact within the Satori Risk leadership team who will provide strategic guidance on enterprise security management.

In addition to your operations manager, we’ll provide a scalable operations team you can trust, dedicated solely to your organization.

You’ll have access to key decision-makers within Satori Risk as well as dedicated team, all of whom are fully qualified and trained specifically to provide support in emergency situations.

Our staff are exceptional at what they do — they’re the foundation of our high-quality service and they’ll provide security support that is second to none.

SaaS Tech: Your All-in-One Security Risk Management Solution

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We’ve built SaaS tech from the ground up to provide organisations with a comprehensive and easy-to-use security management platform.

With Security as a Service, you can gain geospatial intelligence and enable mass communication for improved threat monitoring and rapid incident response. SaaS tech can also help you ensure compliance with legislation and insurance requirements.

This all-in-one security risk management solution can be integrated with other Satori Risk services so we can tailor SaaS tech to your requirements.

Threat Intelligence Solutions: Make Informed and Justifiable Security Decisions

Get the domestic and international security intelligence you need to make informed decisions with confidence. With insightful security reports through our LSIP (London Security Intelligence Portal), you can remove the uncertainty from threat monitoring and incident response.

Our threat intelligence solution provides valuable insights into your current security strategy as well as future possibilities. With our intelligence function, you’ll benefit from:

  • Current threat monitoring and reporting
  • Future threat and incident predictions
  • Past incident investigation
  • Insights into potential risk mitigation and response improvements going forward

Enterprise Security Risk Consultancy: Get Strategic Guidance and Expert Support

Identify security threats and solve vulnerabilities with expert support and guidance from our team of professional consultants. We’ll work with you to protect your business assets, people, brand, and reputation.

Our consultants can help you analyse security intelligence, review your policies and procedures, and ensure business continuity with effective crisis management strategies.

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Outsource and Improve Your Security Operations with 24/7 GSOC Services. Book a Free Consultation to Discuss Your Unique Needs.

Book a free consultation to discuss your security requirements. One of our security specialists will listen to your needs, explain our GSOC solutions in more detail and provide a free quote.

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